Sancho Panza

10 years
of noise & colour

Highlights from 10 years of design for legendary London house music party crew.

I was introduced to Matt and Jim from legendary London party crew Sancho Panza in 1999, while working at the offices of pioneering Internet radio station Space FM. We hit it off, and I spent the next 10 years designing their flyers and posters.

Most of the time I had a day job, but Sancho was my playground. During evenings and weekends I sharpened my design, illustration and coding skills, working with Matt and Jim to develop their visual brand as I learned. Sancho have since gone on to found the Campo Sancho music festival and are still throwing their famous boat parties on the River Thames.

Interactive flyer for the End / AKA in 2003. A section of the street scene was added each month.
2003 was the first year of Sancho and Layo & Bushwacka!’s long running residency at The End / AKA. I created a street scene you could fly around, and added a new section every month. You controlled the pigeon with your arrow keys.
Interactive flyer for the Sprout warehouse party at Corsica Studios.
In this interactive flyer for the Sprout warehouse party at Corsica Studios, pushing the up arrow key made a curious electrical plant grow and bloom into a windmill that lit the bulb below.
When Layo & Bushwacka! started their Olmeto Records residency at The End, I was experimenting a lot with mixed media and found objects. These interactive flyers featured a driveable low–rider made from my girlfriend’s shoe, a dancing robot made from electronic spare parts, a bongo drum you could beat in time to the music and a flyer that was completely blank until a lighter allowed the user to illuminate the scene while moving left and right to explore.
Interactive flyer for the Save The World Cruise series of boat parties.
Save The World Cruise was a series of boat parties in aid of some great causes. This interactive flyer allowed users to captain a steamship across the globe. It featured some pretty tricky type layouts which were a lot of fun to get right.
Interactive flyer for the Fruit Ships series of boat parties.
This simple interactive flyer for the Fruit Ships series of boat parties was inspired by Paul Klee's famous adage “drawing is taking a line for a walk”. Parts of the larger scene were revealed to be connected as users selected the different boats from the menu.
A selection of stickers created for the Sancho Panza website.
To achieve this sticker effect for the Sancho website, I drew the graphics in Illustrator, printed them on sticker paper, cut them out and stuck them down (carefully messing them up a bit) before scanning them back into the computer.
Interactive flyer for warehouse party Can You Feel The 4th?
This interactive flyer for warehouse party Can You Feel The 4th? was a side scrolling affair with an emphasis on typography, layout and simple but stylish animation. I also created an A2 poster which was used to promote the event and became a popular souvenir.
Poster for The Sun Ship and The Moon Ship boat parties
On the back of the popularity of the poster for Can You Feel The 4th?, we went all out with a huge poster for The Sun Ship and The Moon Ship boat parties. Punters could purchase it as a high quality inkjet print in A1 format.